'..The constant service of the antique world....' William Shakespeare

The word, 'vintage' is so fashionable right now, that it is used to describe almost anything to make it appear more attractive. Loose definitions are all very well and good, but I believe that if you are talking about vintage you are describing something of great worth and quality - something that has always been treasured and cherished. True vintage items are so in vogue now because we are all aware of a need to save money, to make do with what we have and to move away from the 'throw-away' disposable society that we have become.

A few years ago I inherited my nan's beautiful old Singer sewing machine, along with some of her china tea sets and linen - most dating from around the 1940s - 1960s. It made me want to start sewing again and I loved the idea of using vintage and pre-used fabrics to make lovely treats for adults and children alike.

I started my search for beautiful fabrics that had no current purpose, many destined for the skip, and began making lavender bags and lingerie bags from them. Vintage white cotton sheets are of such a high quality, not seen very often today, and I turn them into very special lingerie bags. A whole new world opened up - vivid and majestic vintage saris were sought out and turned into little bags of lavender or for storing the wonderful Indian Chai tea.

 Discovering beautiful vintage buttons is like finding treasure to me. These are sewn into the centre of my flower brooches or onto a bag. Used and unwanted items of clothing are re-invented as children's shoulder bags, vintage cushion covers are turned into gift bags...

  ...and things just grew from there. The initial cosy idea of sewing everything on the vintage Singer very quickly proved itself highly inpractical and a new electric model (more efficient but much less stylish!) was bought to allow me to keep up with the pace of the 21st Century!

My lovely collection of vintage china will be available to hire in the New Year, so if you are planning a tea-party at home for around 5-8 people and you live in the Stratford area, please get in touch for prices. Little lavender bags, chai bags or brooches would be a lovely finishing touch as a take-home treat.